A Response to Streep’s Claim that MMA is not an Art


With all due regard to Meryll Streep, talking of multi-culturalism whilst bashing an whole civilization of the fastest growing game in the ‘planet’, is very anti-liberal in itself and counter-productive for its own origin. And she could not have been wrong about MMA. If something, Mixed Martial Arts might actually be the most bizarre type of art.

Struggling pre-dates any kind of saying or traditional types of artwork. Contrary to other arts, amusement or ‘imitations of existence’, MMA could be the only ‘real’ type of saying that’s pure in nature. Quite simply – it is as unreal as it’s, and it needs talent and skill.

Art of Mastering

It’s the art of mastering over the boat that you believe your own body, it’s the practice of taming the nervous mind and also the many primordial fundamentals of human character – dread, depression, violence, anger, and pride, self love; The reverse: bravery, joy, gentleness, joy; modesty, timidity. These are the features that construct a human being, yet they’re also the things which may break one.

To achieve the fine line between despair and happiness calls for a controlled environment that challenges – just once you’ve examined the items that bring you pain or pleasure, do you realize the significant of.

MMA is it’s the testing floor of meddle and your artwork. You compete, conquer and challenge and in conquer you dare, take, and reconstruct. It’s a metaphor for life. You also need training equipment to master the art. Just like in Muay Thai, protect your shin with this shin guard product.

All this having been said, we’re absolutely sure in the event the legendary celebrity ever stepped onto a Jiu-Jutsu mat, the a boxing ring, so she’d understand that her universe of empathic, only, and civil multi-cultured societies just exists there.

She’d have recognized that Mixed Martial Arts doesn’t see in colour, sex, race, religion, or age; she’d discover are highly charged, enthusiastic and driven people training with each other to enhance their quality of living — to learn the balance between body and mind.

MMA may seem violent but there’s violence anywhere in the world – several unfair, and a few essential. If something, Martial Arts teaches something, it is that most of us bleed that. Beneath the surface the gap is skin deep, and also the individuals who realize that this most are the Mixed Martial Artists. If she saw any MMA, she’d understand the melting pot it actually is. Even though a ‘body’ is required to generate artwork – our bodies are still an art.