Car Art That Features Not Only Touch Screen Radio

Cars are a work of art in itself. The ingenuity and hard work placed into it to keep it running is art. Though some may disagree with me, I think everything crafted from raw materials is still art. The question arises – what about old trucks and worn out motorcycles? Are they still a work of art. I would say yes, old trucks are antique and displays vintage art. Car Art to me is anything that still works and with unique features being unique from other cars, there is.

But a few guys are more artistic than I thought. They brought together their painting skills and great imagination into their cars. So not only did they just install a touch screen radio and other navigational gadgets into the car, they made the car a canvas too. The results of this work of art on cars are astonishing and it makes my jaw drop.

Note that there are not only car shows that feature unique car engines, there are also car shows that feature incredible painting art on cars (using cars like canvas). Each entry is unique and displays each artists’ ideas and passion. The painting is unique in its theme, some boyish and tribal in nature while others are more of the feminine type but still cute and colorful in nature.


Other car art I came to know

While to me my idea of car art is simple, other people’s idea of car art is much more complicated. Let’s take a look.

1. Car Art – Draw an art on your hood with Sharpie. The owner of this video used Sharpie pens to create a magnificent art of tribal design on to the car’s hood. The result is amazing.

2. Wild Car in Japan – Here is a car painting job that animae lovers will adore. Is ‘One Piece’ your favorite? Check out this car painting job!

3. Amazing Car Art – made of copper and wood