Crypto-Inspired Art Works

For many artists, art is seen and recognized to be a manner of self-expression and a creative way to connect with their viewers. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, are digital currencies or internet money that are encrypted and are meant to be used as a mode of exchange like the pmBTCswap that employs the use of strong cryptography or the imprinting and solving of codes to make certain that transactions using these digital currencies are legit, safe and fortified. To convert cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins that exist in the digital space and appear as figures on computer screens into a beautiful and inspired piece of work, visual artists from different parts of the globe have fashioned and produced art-filled representations of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin-inspired Art Works

Dan Gribben, an American artist, created a painting entitled “It’s Like Gamblin?” wherein the triptych bids to draw a correlation between winning big in gambling and doing business with Bitcoins. This also emphasizes the volatility or instability of cryptocurrencies. It was first displayed in San Francisco in March 2014 at an art show inspired by bitcoin called “The Time Is Now.”

French artist Youl painted the “The Last (Bitcoin) Supper” which was an elaborate and colorful yet balanced work of art that is inspired by the digital currency bitcoin. It underscores machine-readable codes, laptops, and some stylish garments. This painting is a great and suitable contemporary tribute to Da Vinci’s The Last Supper.

The “Mount Gox” by Thomas-Joseph Carrieri was able to unify three diverse spheres into a single picture – the world of art, bitcoin, and card games specifically the card game Magic: the Gathering. His work was displayed at bitcoin art fair in San Francisco.

Attached on an ornate frame that is gold-plated, Peter Frölich’s masterpiece “Untitled Mining Installation” is a beautiful and completely functioning rig to mine bitcoin. This was a result of him stepping out of his comfort zone since Frölich usually navigates away from the notion of bringing art into being exclusively for profit.

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