Designing T-shirts That People Want To Wear

Graphic designers always had the opportunity to create designs for T-shirts. When designing something for t-shirts, you would actually be thinking of designs that people would actually want to wear. So if you were given the job to design political t-shirts, your first thought is a design that will convey a message involved in politics, that’s simple, and relates to the wearer. 

Creating T-shirts for a company can be easy as you can just use the company logo and print it into the shirt – pocket style. But as a graphic designer, you would want to go deeper, go to the next level. To design a message creatively can lead to a lot of opportunities, creating impressions that may convert into income. While you don’t have to be an artist to design T-shirts, you will have to think out of the box to come up with designs that people will actually wear.

So how to come up with a design that people will actually wear and endorse?

Understand the Wearer. The wearer is ultimately the person who is going to share the t-shirt’s message to the world. To know what your wearer wants will ultimately share a message easy. So if your wearer is a rockstar, then your design should project his/her personality. Sometimes, doing a survey can help.

Design on the shirt. After creating the design you think will work for your target wearer, consider where to put your design. Will it be a simple pocket design, will it cover the whole front of the shirt? Will it be front and back design?

All these considerations will help you in the process of completing your t-shirt design. Gather all the information surrounding your design. You are not going to make the coolest design, you are going to make a design that works for your client.

Gather The Information You Need For Your Design

When you make a design that has graphics or text on it. You are saying something about yourself. You are sending a message. Wearers might like the t-shirt because of the style or a certain message that the shirt has. It makes you feel that you are part of a group bigger than yourself.

This is the kind of information that you want to pull out of what you are given. So if you are designing a shirt for a rock band, a group, or a company, you have to put your feet on the shoes of their fans, their followers, and their users.

A great t-shirt doesn’t have to be over illustrated, if typing out a name with simple bold fonts, arcing it, and giving it some distress works, then it’s all you really have to do. Simplicity usually makes it to the favored list of shirt designs people want. So you always want to keep it simple and avoid over crowding of your design.