Designs with dieline for your embroidery needs

Looking for applique and in-the-hoop designs for your embroidery business? There is a wide of variety of designs you can find in Google (after all, all research these days start with Google). You will find sites like Embroidery Library that provides useful resources for all your embroidery needs. So whether it be embroidery for towels, fabrics, and designer bags, you can use the designs you find very easily.

These designs are made of precut fabric and sewn directly into the design. Each of these designs come with a dieline file that are used to cut the fabric to the exact shape.

Here is how to use and cut these dielines

In the video, the sample provided is a cute applique owl design to be embroidered to a tea towel. The design has one piece of applique fabric so it comes with one dieline file.

  • When you download an applique design, you will see the embroidery design and the dieline file. The dieline file is marked with a DL.
  • The file is printed using the dieline embroidery software. You can also use welcome true sizer is another software you can download and use to print dielines.
  • When opening applique or in-the-hoop designs and dielines in embroidery software, it’s essential NOT to resize or scale the files. If the the design or the dieline files are resized or scaled, the fabric pieces will not fit properly into the designs when sewn.
  • After opening the dieline file, print it at full size. Trim around the shape leaving a little space around the dieline.
  • Some of the designs you find from Embroidery Library have more than one dieline file. It is a good idea to label the shapes before trimming the printouts. This makes it easy to organize the fabric pieces as it is being cut. Use a temporary adhesive to hold the trimmed design in place while cutting.
  • The particular design you use may come with instructions to use a stabilizer to the back of the fabric. Once the layers are assembled, cut out the shape right along the line then remove the paper.

The design is now ready to be embroidered on the tea towel. Very easy and straightforward.