Techniques on Mastering Stop Motion Animation


rocksIf you like to attract some stop motion animation but have no idea how to proceed this article can help. Quite often people believe you’ve to invest countless hours drawing on again and again the exact same numbers with only a minor change between each drawing.

Stop motion animation requires having a knack for crazy videos. Just kidding. This type of animation needs a lot of work, but if you do it right, the final output will be more than worth it.

Even though that is correct you will find plenty of innovative methods you should use to attract fascinating and exciting animations with no endless repetition. This article teaches you eight methods.

You can certainly do many of these methods with hardly any resources. In addition to the essential issues for almost any stopmotion animation just like some free software, computer and a camera you’ll have the ability to do these issues having perhaps a dry erase board or a document, pen and eraser.


Getting the individual form to state things you are able to bring basic individual designs which are very significant. They do not need to be even basic stick figures can do and complicated. However they will provide you with an extremely wide selection of phrase from surprise to joy pleasure and effectively the entire selection of human emotion.

Change the pace of what’s occurring

This is an essential tool. You’ve to consider that things all do not occur in the same price of pace which means your sketches must change to reflect this. Figures go or can operate and products may go fast or slow. A rose grows slowly along with a stone comes in the atmosphere quickly. Room your images to reveal these differences in speed.

Change the camera position move or by panning or cruising

This can be a really nice method that’ll create your movie attractive and more exciting. To move in on an item you merely pull it in actions which are bigger and larger, and you’re also getting it toward the middle of your workspace while you’re achieving this. When you have attracted a history you are able to go it right or towards the left to reproduce panning.

Have multiple things moving

It’s simple to get fixed on a single main figure but when you wish to create your animation more exciting you need to understand that several point could be going at any given time, even when it’s simply because of wind blowing.

To tell a tale you ought to give it lots of thought

This is the most significant method. It’s the joint the entire movement sits on. Here is the reason behind what’s occurring within the movement plus it gives a very good reason to keep viewing to the audience. He’s more vulnerable to stay with the movie to determine how it works out when the audience thinks a tale is unfolding.

Text and phrases

The purpose about an animation would be to talk a note or perhaps a history and text is a superb software for achieving this. You can create phrases and words on work area. And you will get it done within an animation design by the addition of phrases one or the characters at the same time.

Pull a history this could be ignored in movement but perhaps a basic background or a great history provides an amount of level towards the story-you are showing. You just keep it because it has been no movement whatsoever or can animate it.

Easy movement

The manner of going for a photo then removing it, pulling an item about the workshop and redrawing it in a new site. This movement of the item it is extremely efficient and simple to do and simulates motion. It may be as easy as water falls advancing down the task area or perhaps a ball jumping over the screen.


Add functions and lines consider this as anything rising before your eyes. Flowers and woods produce great topics for this. You attract a line, have a picture, increase the line, consider another picture, etc until complete development is achieved. You also have items that decrease in dimensions and may also change this method. You take and remove images in tiny increments.

Stop-Motion animation is an excellent creative quest and that you don’t require a large amount of resources and supplies to create some good animations. And that you don’t have to attract countless images which are only a repetition with minor modifications. Having a little thought an imagination you may make some which are fun and easy.