The Art of Hairstyling: From Then to Now

Art had always been part of our daily living. Art played a big role in our society. All of us make use of art in almost all things we do from the time we wake up, cook our food, dress up, style our hair, and getting to work. Art is everywhere. In this post, let’s talk about the art of hairstyling.

Hairstyling is the art of styling hair. Hairstyling is part of fashion that had made an impact on every woman and man’s lifestyle. While a few artists make use of canvas for their artwork, hairstylists make use of hair as their canvas. From long to short shaggy hairstyles, from limp hair to voluptuous and bouncy hair, to clean and cut hair, to colored and easily braided hair. All of these hairstyles are art, created from the awesome imagination of hairstylists.

Various Hairstyles from then to now

Harpers Bazaar beauty and fashion magazine unfold 9 hairstyles that had been around and revamped from decade to decade. Let’s take a look at them.

  • The 1920’s hairstyle. The look of Gloria Swanson is now Demi Lovato’s look. The short straight cut look that curls at the bottom easily frames every girl’s look. The hairstyle is revamped by Demi Lovato with the curls rooting about 10 inches from the scalp.
  • The 1930’s Bob Locks hairstyle. Those locks have just grown shoulder length. From the curled bob look of the 20’s, it has grown a little longer to the shoulders. The hairstyle had been revamped today and styled to have that tousled look.
  • The 1940’s Shoulder-length locks hairstyle. Hair buns had been the look in the 40’s, with that sleek and neat combed to the bun. The hairstyle had been revamped to have a modern look, maintaining the bun but leaving some loose ends by the side.
  • The 1950’s Operatic elegance hairstyle. This hairstyle in the 50’s shows a thick and velvety curl that radiates elegance. Today, the hairstyle had been revamped, still showing the curls at the bottom but less at the top.
  • The 1960’s Beehive look. The teased beehive look lives on. But this time, less on the top, more at the bottom. The revamped look hold well for a few women but looks well with Kate Bosworth.
  • The 1970’s Disco fever hairstyle. The 70’s was all about volume and shape. These days, hairstylists still take that volume and shape but with a touch of elegance at the top. More volume at the bottom making it more appealing and classy.
  • The 1980’s Power pony hairstyle. Who would forget Madonna’s power ponytail in the Vogue? This hairstyle is still wanted by many celebrities. Beyonce just loves how it looks with the pony slightly tilted to the side.
  • The 1990’s Let loose hairstyle. Hairstyles in the 90’s are more on the loose ends. Pony’s and Bun are not tightly held but rather loosened to give it a more natural look.
  • The 2000 Crimped hairstyle. Britney Spears sported a crimped hairstyle, easily done through the crimping iron.

Regardless of generation, hairstyling had always been an art followed by almost anyone. Whether the hairstyle is trending or in fashion, it still proves to show that people love the art of hairstyling.

Watch the video below for another hairstyling then and now. Wedding hairstyles from the 60’s to present.

Wedding Hairstyles: 1960s-Now