The Art of Living – Stress Management

If the nature of human being is compassion, solidarity and love. Then why do people behave improperly? Studies show that stress, trauma, and lack of proper education could be the factors contributing to ill behavior. A stressed mind makes a person aggressive. Aggressive actions generate more violence. Like a virus, violence infects the whole society.

Eliminate Stress

The first step to revert this process is to eliminate stress and negative impressions in people’s minds. There is a simple and effective way to achieve this. These days, people are looking for various ways to alleviate stress and  negative impressions. Research suggests that coffee can boost energy, and thus people are looking through jura a9 review and jura impressa a9 review to get the right coffee machine.

The objective is to learn how to solve internal and external conflicts, manage our emotions and eliminate stress. Master the art of living with enthusiasm and joy. Students, entrepreneurs, government officials, individual deprived of freedom, people from all religions and walks of life have have eliminated stress, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

How to Reduce Stress

Stress is with us, we can’t totally eliminate stress and start to live life happily everyday. But we can reduce stress by having a positive mental attitude in dealing with stress. Simply put, learning how to manage stress is the key to live a healthy and productive life.

The International Association for human values has developed programs based on:  breathing techniques, Meditation, and Education in human values. These techniques were created thousand of years ago and they have been adapted to our times for the benefit of humankind.

People who removes stress experience a sense of revitalization of their human values. Thousands of people who experienced the positive effects of these programs have become leaders in their communities and work together towards the same goal contributing to the peace and well-being of society.

What is the Art of Living?

The International Association for human values on the Art of Living was founded 30 years ago by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The vision is to achieve a disease-free body, a stress-free mind and a violence free society – the brightright of every human being.