The Art of Thread Painting

While most visual artists such as painters use oil-based paint or acrylics, others go out of their comfort zones and use a different kind of medium such as thread painters. Traditionally, sewing includes feed dogs lightly holding the fabric located at the bottom as one stitch, so as to aid in passing it through the sewing machine.  Thread painting, on the other hand, utilizes a free motion foot to get the task done. Eventually, this method permits fabric to freely move around in all direction with the purpose of “coloring” the cloth with thread. Check out this site for sewing machines

If you want to look into “paintings” made out of thread, there are quite a lot on Pinterest. Moreover, if you intend to give it a go, there are adequate tutorial videos that you can watch for free to help and guide you as you attempt to create your own thread painting.

Thread Painting Ideas

To get concepts and designs for thread painting, try browsing at photographs of sceneries that you would want to reinvent by means of fabric and your handy sewing machine. The internet is another great source of ideas.

How It Is Done

The background is concluded using materials and threads to ready the tone or mood of the piece that you are bound to form. Then the colored thread is laid down with the sewing machine to form the details. Thread painting like handcrafted embroidery may take weeks to finish. You’ll need to choose a fabric that is of high-quality and that tender a weave or intertwine that is tight and have a thread count that is high. It’s not rare to utilize around 60 or more different colored threads for just a single thread painting. Thread painting can be very tedious since it requires changing the thread every now and then. This type of process is great for individuals, whether male or female, who are critical and detail-oriented. Although it’s not “mainstream,” there are surely growing number of people taking on this distinctive style of making art.

Check out this thread painting video that’s great for beginners.