Tracing the Roots of Coffee Painting

Coffee is a beverage prepared from coffee beans grounded to perfection. Ever imagined that your favorite drink can be a tool for painting? Wonderful idea, isn’t it? Now let’s talk about coffee painting.

Coffee painting was originally referred to as Arfé. It is a wonderful creation of artwork by using a coffee’s stain. The term was invented by an artist from Puerto Rico, Francisco Rivera Rosa. The term rooted from the words – art and cafe. Thus, It is a carried blending of words. This art is known as “ Coffee Painting “ or “ Coffee Art “.

Coffee painting is a great passion for art that relieves stress and tension from day to day living. And just like coffee art, BBG program is a great way to relieve anxiety from obesity.

Tracing The Roots Of Coffee Painting

Here’s a trivia: The art of painting coffee dates to centuries back. That’s the time coffee bloomed in Europe. The very first coffee paintings took its inspiration from the old way of painting. Several artists made use of coffee and tea as a tool to make artworks such as statues look older than it really was.

In the 60s, Dieter Roth, a German artist utilized a number of edibles in his art work. This includes coffee and tea, even banana and a few other spices. Also, an italian poet (Gabriele D’ Annunzio) skillfully made the statues in Vittoriale Garden appear ancient through the use of coffee and tea.

In Asia, the use of coffee and tea has popularized in order to attain the Sepia look. So in essence, coffee painting had become known throughout the world.

Basic Coffee Painting Tutorial by April Grace

Here are a few artists from all over the world who are known to use coffee as their preference in artwork:

  • Pornchai Lerthammasiri. Thailand. Renowned for water color paintings. “The impressionist of coffee art”.
  • Hong Yi. Malaysia. Popularized for the use of espresso cup to paint. Renowned for the portrait of Malaysian businessman Francis Yeoh.
  • Karen Eland. America. Renowned for the remake of masterpieces with the use of coffee.
  • Couple, Andrew Saur and Angel Sarkela-Saur. Known for great artwork relating to food and coffee.
  • American Steven Mikel. A scientist and coffee artist. Renowned for his invention – UV resistant layer, a protection for coffee painting art work.
  • Amita and Mira Chudasama. Indian artists. Known for their use of coffee in almost all of their artwork.