Visual Artists and Art and Their Role in Society

Because of the art of filmmaking and the creative minds of those behind it, Uzalo today and other TV series and films are enjoyed by many both locally and globally. Filmmaking, video making, and photography, these are just a few of the many modern forms of visual arts today. But what roles do visual artists play in today’s society aside from the creativity and amusement they bring through their works of art?

The Role of Visual Artists and Art in the 21st Century Society

Visual Artists Always Finds Imaginative and Innovative Descriptions and Resolutions to Societal Concerns

Even in history, we know that art had been used as a powerful medium of protest and an instigator of social change. For instance, Bansky, a famous street artist has untiringly posted his artistic creations in various major metropolises and cities in the world in the hopes getting the societies’ concern and attention regarding the growing problem of our ecosystem and poverty. From Picasso to Bansky, modern art has continually been a place for artists to creatively express their frustrations on certain issues. For artists, this is freedom of speech in an indirect but meaningful and powerful way.

Because of Visual Art, Artists Are Able to Bring Communities Together

A research has confirmed that the better the awareness and attention were given to art in an area or city the better chances of having harmony and interconnection in the community and improved public or civic commitments or duties. Starting a community art aids in bringing the populace to collaborate to craft and build communal and collective visualizations of their principles, morals, and hopes for the near future. For example, groups in Baltimore fashioned maps with the use of paint and GPS to discover their experience of city life. This assisted in the shaping the awareness of the community and interrelatedness.

Visual Artists Preserves History, Culture, Tradition, and Heritage for Future Generations


Art is a very modest yet helpful and useful method to persevere traditions and cultures that might fade and be forgotten.  Museums that give emphasis on indigenous or ethnic groups and cultures are extremely fundamental to our constantly changing world. Through art, like the cave paintings and hieroglyphics on walls, people of ancient times were also able to hand us today a preview of how they existed during their time.


The Role of Arts & Culture in an Open Society