What is Fashion Design?

Fashion design is not only used in designing garments. It may also be used in designing the most comfortable office chair, bed sheets or other things that needs fashion.

Fashion design is an art application of design and aesthetics to clothing. It is influenced by social attitudes.  Not only on clothes also on any accessories like bracelets, necklace and even earrings. It has a wide range of combination and materials to work for colors, patterns and styles where the customer can choose.

Some clothes are made for an individual. Most clothing today is produce to sell in mass-market especially casual and home clothes called “ready to wear clothes”.

The Fashion Designers

Fashion Designers are the people who design all sorts of trending clothes. They also design the dresses used for competition like Miss Universe and other competition where you can see their dresses are gorgeous and extravagant. The may work full-time for one fashion house where he/she owns the design or they may work alone or part of the team, they called it “Freelance designer”. Freelance designer work for themselves, sells their design to fashion houses or directly to shops or clothing manufacturers to gain profit.

Fashion Designers work in different ways, some of them using scrap paper and draw the sketches while other designer’s uses drape fabric in dress form. When a designer is satisfied with the design he will consult a professional pattern maker. When a sample of garment/clothes are made up and it will tested on a model to make sure it is operational outfit.

How To Become A Fashion Designer?

Fashion design provide service like trend and color for forecasting, market analysis, design concepts and design documentation.

Fashion designs can either be sold or either licensed out

The biggest manufacturers in clothing are China and Bangladesh. These two countries contributes a lot in the world of fashion. Other notable manufacturing countries are Germany, Indonesia , Malaysia, India , Philippines ,South Korea, Spain and Brazil.  The big four in the fashion industry are Paris, Milan , New York City, and London.